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Whole Brisket (Packer Style) | G1 Certified

Whole Brisket (Packer Style) | G1 Certified

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This is a high quality brisket. But it is "packer style", meaning you will have to do some trimming and cleaning, but this is EXACTLY what you want if you are planning on doing a proper Brisket.

This is the kind of Brisket you take to a competition (and a lot of our customers do)... it has beautiful marbling, has been wet aged for 30 days and is just great!

Cooking a Brisket can be a lot of fun, it takes time... but the results can be so rewarding. Brisket is not for everyone, it requires timing and patience...You need to be serious about smoking throughout and take it off at the right moment. Remember, low and slow and I mean low and slow.


Our Packer Style briskets have been featured in Food & Wine!


Briskets dont get smaller than 13 lbs (and thats a rare and small one!), if you are used to buying and cooking smaller briskets.. perhaps what you are looking for is for a Brisket Flat, these do run 6-10 lbs and are very good! Check them out here (/products/brisket-flat-cut-g1-certified) : 

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