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Venison with Red Wine and Demi Glace

Venison with Red Wine and Demi Glace

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This adaptation of a classic wine sauce uses merlot to accent the full flavor of the meat rather than over-powering it. You will find it is a quick and simple sauce to make whether you are cooking professionally or the home cook who is looking for an exquisite sauce for a favorite meat dish.

This is perfect on both the grill or pan fried. 


Ingredients: Venison, beef, pork, bacon (water, salt, brown sugar, sodium phosphate, sodium erythorbate, sodium nitrite), water, salt, carrot powder, sugar, merlot wine (contains sulfiting agents), spices and spice extracts, aged shoyu sauce and a hint of canola oil.

Learn more about Venison, along with some recipes in our post Venison: The Lean, Mean, Protein Machine (

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