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Veal Chop

Veal Chop

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Veal chops are a thick and meaty bone-in cut that are great for broiling, roasting, or grilling. The key for cooking these finger-licking cuts is to hit medium-rare. If you cook them to well-done the meat will be dry.

What Is Veal Meat?

Veal is the meat of calves, in contrast to the beef from older cattle which is what we usually sell. Most veal calves are processed at about 10-12 months, as opposed to adult steers, which are typically processed at around 22 months.

Veal is a natural by-product of the dairy industry; cows must give birth to calves to continually produce milk. Veal has a light color, a fine texture, a smooth taste and is more tender. Veal is "naturally and legally hormone free.

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