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Undisclosed 2 | Venue

Undisclosed 2 | Venue

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Welcome to our exceptional multi-purpose space in the heart of Little River, FL—a haven where tranquility, inspiration, and community intertwine, fostering a harmonious existence for all who enter.

Our venue is designed to cater to a wide range of events and activities, boasting a seating capacity of 80+ people. Here's why it's the perfect space for your needs:

1. Wellness Workshops: Engage in enlightening workshops focused on holistic well-being, mindfulness, meditation, and personal growth. Experience relaxation and openness in our serene ambiance, making your journey rejuvenating and transformative.

2. Fitness Classes: Energize your body and soul with invigorating workouts led by experienced instructors. Our spacious layout accommodates various fitness disciplines, including yoga, dance, and more, fostering an atmosphere of health and vitality.

3. Corporate Events: Host seminars, team-building sessions, or product launches in our facility. With adaptable seating and modern amenities, your business needs will be met in a professional and comfortable setting.

4. Creative Gatherings: Unleash your artistic spirit in this inspiring space, where creative minds come together for art workshops, craft classes and other imaginative endeavors. Our tranquil surroundings fuel imagination and inspire the flow of ideas.

5. Community Events: Embrace a sense of togetherness in an environment that fosters meaningful interactions. Whether it's networking events, community meet-ups, or social gatherings, our venue is the ideal place to connect and share experiences.

Located conveniently in Little River, FL, our multi-purpose space offers limitless possibilities. No matter if you're a wellness enthusiast, an event planner, or a business professional, we promise to exceed your expectations. Embrace growth, connection, and serenity by immersing yourself in the possibilities our space offers. Contact us today to book this extraordinary venue for your next event!

Customized experiences around food and activities are available at this venue.

Cost? Depending on the event size, date, and availability this can vary. An $800 deposit towards your event is required (refundable up to 10 days prior to the event).


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