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Tri-Tip | USDA Prime

Tri-Tip | USDA Prime

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Also known as "The Newport" or "Santa Maria" steak is a very popular cut in California and South America.  It is a lean cut, with a beefy taste... slightly nutty.

This steak is built for griling. HOWEVER it is also amazing to smoke or put in the oven.

The tri-tip is the triangular section of the sirloin primal and comes from the point where the sirloin meets the round and flank primal.... which is exactly where the name comes from: Tri-Tip = Triangular = Three tips.

The tri-tip is full of flavor because of excellent marbling and very tender as long as you don't overcook it. We suggest not cooking more than medium. 


Our Tri-Tip is G1 Certified, meaning it is of the highest quality in the market. This means you will always get beef with Abundant or higher marbling, grade "A' maturity and it is sourced specifically from a couple specific farms in the MidWest (Nebraska). Our Tri-Tip has been wet aged for 30 days and it makes a HUGE difference... often it is more marbled than a RibEye!

Source: US MidWest 

 Best for: Grilling

 Best Cooked: Medium, Medium-Well


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