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TOUSHU 6.3" Japanese Nakiri Knife | FC-381

TOUSHU 6.3" Japanese Nakiri Knife | FC-381

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TOUSHU knives are manufactured by Fuji Cutlery Co., Ltd. The sister company of Tojiro applies advanced construction techniques and modern materials, combined with high-quality Japanese quality control to produce great knives suitable for chefs, home cooks, and professionals at a great price

Toushu knives are somewhere in between the quality of Tojiro and Ryutoku knives. While Ryutoku is meant for home use, Toushu can be suited for professional applications.

The Nakiri (which is traditionally used to cut vegetables) has a straight blade that makes full contact with surfaces for smooth, fluid cutting motions. The knife's thin construction creates clean cuts and won't tear or damage delicate foods. This model offers some beautiful authentic magnolia wood handles, made in the Japanese wa style with resin collars; the rounded handles come to a subtle point on their undersides, nestling in the hand for a more secure grip, even when the knife is wet.

* Blade: Molybdenum vanadium steel, Handle: Mahogani, Cinning: Polyethylene resin, Polypropylene resin

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