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The Tasteful Giftset

The Tasteful Giftset

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It is the GIFT season and the Cool set is perfect to let that person know you are thinking about them! You will share a WAGYU ANGUS CROSS experience... The Wagyu Angus Cross steaks are extremely tasteful and can be cooked in many different ways!

It comes in our customized customized BLACK BOX which looks, just, super cool!

This set includes:

1x Wagyu-Angus Cross RibEye

1x Wagyu-Angus Cross New York

1x Wagyu-Angus Cross Filet Mignon

1x Customized Meat N' Bone Black Box Gift


Optionally, you can add the amazing Turnbull vineyards Cabernet Sauvignon, or any other of our amazing wines ( to your gift.

Like all of our steaks, these steaks come vacuum sealed and have been hand-cut by our expert butchers.

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