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The Steak Locker | Smart Dry Aging Fridge

The Steak Locker | Smart Dry Aging Fridge

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Note: This product will arrive via mail and be delivered with 3-5 business day of placing the order. Any issues must be handled directly with The Steak Locker customer support team (details on the package).

This device is shipped in a pallet measuring 30x30x40 and weighing 165lbs. 

Once you place your order, we will contact you to separately process the payment for the shipping cost, which will vary from $100 to $300. 

Dry Aged beef can get expensive, and a lot of people like to experiment and dry age their own beef. The folks from "The Steak Locker" have develop a dry aging cooler for your home. Its got some cool features and wi-fi connectivity.

If you are not familiar with Dry Aged Beef check out our BLOG (

At Meat N' Bone we have successfully dry aged some pretty good steaks in this cooler, and while the result are not as impressive as when we dry age at our state of the art facility (which also has a lot more funk and is 100x the size)... its a great product for in-home use.


The World’s First Smart Dry Aging Fridge

The only Smart Home Dry Aging Fridge the will allow you to combine traditional craft & skills with modern connectivity.

Skillfully produce your own Steak House quality cuts plus traditional charcuterie from the old world.

The Steak Locker includes:

* Smart sensors that provide immediate feedback through our exclusive app. You control the safety of your dry age steaks right from your smart phone.

* Designed with independent smart sensors that provide immediate feedback and safety notifications

* Fully control your inventory, time lapsed, nutritional info and custom features. Visual timely Reports you can use to follow progress no matter where you are.

* Your smart app is a precision instrument designed by professional chefs to provide you maximum yield control.

 Model: SL150 (Home Series)

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