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The Cowboy's Dinner

The Cowboy's Dinner

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This week enjoy  a bundle that includes:

USDA Bone In RIbeye

Our Ribeyes are THICK, restaurant grade steaks. They are around 20 OZ per steak, significantly larger and thicker than your average supermarket ribeye. Ribeyes are not very uniform in texture / flavor. They are easy to cook, but to master it... takes a bit of time.

Chimichurri Sauce

Chimichurri is a sauce made from finely chopped parsley, which is the one consistent ingredient among many recipes. Chimichurri is a traditional sauce in Argentina and Uruguay where it is the common sauce used on steak, however it also goes well with poultry or fish. We hand-make our Chimichurri on a weekly basis, so this is a hand-crafted item made in small quantities. None of those mass-produced sauces you can find at the grocery store.

Butcher's Maldon Salt

Enhance your cooking masterpieces with the premium Butcher's Maldon Salt, thoughtfully curated by the esteemed Venezuelan Chef Chucho Rojas. This artisanal salt transcends ordinary seasoning to offer a truly immersive culinary experience. Our salt's exceptional quality extends to its packaging, designed for convenient pinching just like a professional chef would, ensuring both functionality and elegance in every use. Maldon salt is a unique, high-quality sea salt known for its flaky, pyramid-shaped crystals. Harvested from the pristine seawaters of the Blackwater Estuary in Maldon, England, this salt has been cherished by chefs and gourmands worldwide for its clean, subtle flavor and delicate crunch. Unlike regular table salt, Maldon salt is free from artificial additives and retains a natural balance of minerals from the sea.

Homemade Mashed Potatoes

Bring the Steakhouse home with these AMAZING mashed potatoes prepared with high-quality ingredients by the chef at The Wagyu Bar.
Our Mashed Potatoes are one of the most popular dishes at The Wagyu Bar in Miami. These are actually cooked fresh every week and packaged for our customers.  This is steakhouse-quality stuff (the same sides sold at the restaurant).
The bag contains 1 lb of Mashed Potatoes... fully cooked. This is enough to share for 4 portions but is usually good for 2 people. Comes FROZEN and VACUUM SEALED.
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