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The Beefer XL

The Beefer XL

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The perfect steak needs the perfect sear, the idea is to get a deep sear without burning the exterior or cooking the interior of your steak. Cast-iron skillets are usually our go to solution, inexpensive and versatile. That said, your conventional oven or grill will typically go no higher than 600-650 degrees on the high end.

"The Beefer" is a broiler designed to give your steak the perfect sear. What makes it different is its ability to heat to 1500 degrees which comes from the top-down (no flareups). 

The Beefer XL really is a Big Boy. It is the perfect device for extended families, outdoor kitchens, or people who simply like to party and enjoy perfect steaks in an elevated manner. The XL is powered by two High Performance Ceramic Heater Element – controlled via one Valve. The Beefer XL means more ‘Beefing space’ for numerous steaks or proteins at the same time

The beefer runs on propane, which makes it portable and easy to move.

The BEEFER XL includes the following items:

* 1 Beefer XL Chef with gas hose (34” in length)

* XL Cover Hood

* 1 Pressure regulator 11 ” WC 

* 1 big Grill Grate GN 2/3

* 1 Grill Glove

* 1 Gastronorm tray GN 2/3

* 2 small Grill Grates

* 2 Handles

* 1 Battery AA

This is The Apple computer of grills. Solid design, excellent craftsmanship, good materials.... from the gas hose to the handle. Kind of what you expect from German engineering.

At Meat N' Bone we have cooked Steak, Chicken and Pork on the beefer. But we have seen people cook everything from Pizza to seafood.

What are our favorite cuts on the beefer?

Bone-In RibEye, New York Strip, Porterhouse Steak, Pork Belly, Outside Skirt and Flap/Bavette.

The beefer is ideal for those who lack a bit of space or are hunting for the perfect sear... although it is not to be used indoors (unless you have a good range). It is portable, easy to set up and easy to clean... and more importantly, whatever you decide to make on it will be awesome!

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