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Thanksgiving Amish Turkey (Smoked - Ready to Eat)

Thanksgiving Amish Turkey (Smoked - Ready to Eat)

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Want your Meat N' Bone Turkey but do not feel like cooking it?

We got you (South Florida ONLY)

Your turkeys will be ready on thanksgiving day, or the day before. If you need it earlier, just send us an email. If you want us to shred it, contact us too.

Our turkeys are hatched, grown and processed in the Midwest by local Amish family farmers in Troy, Michigan (the Peacock Family). The Turkeys are then raised inside naturally ventilated house and have free access to feed and water.

Our turkeys will arrive to Miami and be cooked by the awesome guys from Miami Smokers. Afterwards, they will be hand-delivered to your door.

What is so special about our turkeys?

Our Amish turkeys are raised without hormones or steroids. They are raised on a vegetable, protein diet which contains no animal by-products, artificial ingredients or coloring agents.

* The flocks live in a clean, modern, well-lit, ventilated barns.

* These turkeys have free access to feed and water.

* They are fed  a diet of corn and soybeans. No animal by-products.

* Raised without hormones or steroids.

* The birds aren’t crowded or stressed.

The farmers we work with are peaceful and loving folks who are extremely community minded and express love and concern for each other, so it’s only natural that they treat their turkeys with the same care. Our farmers provide a natural, looked-after environment for their all-natural turkeys to live and grow.

If you have any special instructions or questions, drop us a line or leave a note during checkout. We will get back to you right away!

Why should I Pre-Order?

We will only have a limited supply of Amish Turkeys. We order our Turkeys ahead of time and the farms raise a limited supply of Turkeys just for us.. we coordinate the whole process to make sure we get FRESH Turkeys. So once our supply runs out... its over.

If you do not know where you will be for thanksgiving... do not worry. We will not ship/deliver Turkeys until the week of Thanksgiving,  you'll still have time to change the address and person receiving the turkey after you place your order but before your order ships. We'll pack it with plenty of dry ice (if we have to ship it) and, as always, no signature will be required.

Expensive? Well that depends...

You can certainly buy a Butterball Turkey for roughly $1.50 / $2 per pound ($30 for a 20 lb bird), but you should know what you are buying. If someone is selling you a Turkey for $2, how much do you think it cost them? Probably $0.50/lb?.. That covers the bird, inspection fees, packaging as well as the space, feed, transportation and margin for the producer... and then the actual margin for the retailer... If it sounds like very little... that's because it is.

Your typical Thanksgiving turkey is raised in a high-density confinement facility, in which it endures overcrowding, poor sanitation, and lack of access to outdoor space.  It is all about keeping costs down: Cheap birds that get fat quick, cheap feed, low labor costs and maximum utilization space... if you really dare to... search about it on Google (not recommended).

On the flipside we work with smaller farms who treat their birds with love and that comes at a cost. After all, a high quality Turkey will cost you roughly $8.50 per 1.5lb serving... that is still relatively inexpensive.

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