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Tenderloin Kebabs | G1 Certified

Tenderloin Kebabs | G1 Certified

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The tenderloin is the most lean, tender part of the animal. There isn’t that much of it per steer which is why its so expensive and coveted.

When we cut it into perfect sized filets, there are left-over pieces that we turn into kebabs... and THEY ARE PERFECT . 

These can be grilled, used for fondue, make them on a skillet, in a pan, in the oven...  Its actually great in a sandwich... did someone ask Philly Cheesesteak sandwich? How about Tacos? Wrap them in our awesome BACON (/products/benton-smoked-bacon) and enjoy them even more.

The beauty about buying Tenderloin Kabobs is that you are buying tenderloin at 1/5th of its price... it tastes just as good and its the ideal meat for a weekday dinner.



Our trimmings are 100% Choice grade and up. This is the fancy stuff that you will typically pay over $25/lbs per lb to buy. 


Average Serving Size: Male 12 Oz (3/4 pack)  / Female 8 Oz (1/2 pack)

Recommended For: Grilled, Pan-Seared, Strogonoff, Sandwiches, Fondue, Fajitas.



Source: US MidWest

This product has been aged for 30+ Days to improve tenderness and flavor





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