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Summer Truffle Acacia Honey

Summer Truffle Acacia Honey

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In the best tradition of Meat N' Bone we basically set out to find the BEST truffle honey in the market. We initially worked with a very well and known italian brand, however after COVID we saw their quality decrease and the hunt began a new... we tried dozens of truffle honeys and settled on this one by Espora Gourmet.

We like the uniqueness of it, it combines the finest acacia honey with the unmistakable taste of summer truffles.  This product is made in spain.

* ACACIA HONEY is made by bees that forage on the nectar of the Robinia pseudoacacia tree.

* SUMMER BLACK TRUFFLE that grow among oak, hazelnut, chestnut, elm and poplar trees

Truffle honey serves many decadent purposes, and is most often paired with cheeses, salty meats and crispy breads. You may choose to drizzle truffle honey over ice-cream, fruits and other desserts, while many choose to use it in a marinade to baste game birds.

Once you open it, we recommend keeping it in a cool, dark place but not for too long...  as the fragrance will diminish over time. The strength of the truffles’ aroma will often vary depending on the type of tree it has grown alongside.

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