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Summer Surf & Turf Special

Summer Surf & Turf Special

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This week we are running a special on our Teres Major Steak BMS7+ Wagyu (8-11 oz) and Wild Caught Caribbean Lobster Tail (Aprox 8oz). 

This deal is for 2x of each, with a 20% savings!

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About our Teres Major Steak BMS7+ Wagyu

The Teres Major is the second most tender cut of beef, only second to the Filet Mignon. It looks and is about the size of a pork tenderloin, so it is like a petit tenderloin. Unlike the tenderloin it is much more flavorful, it is a lot more complex. It is melty tender and super tasty. 

How to cook it... Salt and pepper it and then roast or grill it whole to your desired temperature (we like medium rare). Keep it simple. You can also treat it like a Filet Mignon and use sauces.

About our Wild Caught Caribbean Lobster Tail

Caribbean lobster is a delicacy, its taste will remind you of sandy beaches and hot sun. Our lobsters are wild caught in Brazil and the Bahamas. They present a full flavored taste and a firm texture.

The average serving size of a spiny lobster tail is between-14 oz which is why we picked these size of lobster. Our tails are presented head-off and cleaned and are ready to be cooked.

For quick thawing place under running water while still in plastic bag. As soon as it’s thawed remove from bag , cook or store under refrigeration. Important not to leave product soaking in water it will affect texture and flavor.

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