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Striploin Steak | A5 Kuma-ou Japanese Wagyu

Striploin Steak | A5 Kuma-ou Japanese Wagyu

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Learn about how we label beef and Beef Grading Standards (/blogs/the-clever-cleaver/wagyu-grading-system-differences)

Kuma-ou is a "boutique" wagyu brand that is raised in the Kumamoto Prefecture of Japan at the base of Mount Aso. The Kumamoto Prefecture is in the center of Kyushu Island, which is the most southern of the four main Japanese Islands. It is bordered by both the Miyazaki Prefecture on its east and the Kagoshima Prefecture to it’s south. These cattle are said to be the only free-grazing cattle in the region, which is near Mt. Aso.

What makes this Wagyu special is 2 things: The water they drink, and the amount of feed they consume.

The Kuma-ou cattle are raised on the outer rim of an ancient crater containing the famous Kikuchi Gorge. This gorge is home to some of the world's purest and cleanest spring water. The natural spring water flows freely through the Kuma-ou pastures, hydrating these animals with some of the purest water on earth.

Another unique attribute of the Kuma-ou cattle is the amount of feed they can consume. Their natural environment experiences a vast range of temperate fluctuation between day and night. To combat these temperature changes, the Kuma-ou cattle must eat more than most other cattle in Japan. This promotes heavier marbleization within the beef. The feed is a unique combination of hay, corn, wheat bran, soybeans, grains, and alfalfa.

Thanks to this unique environment and careful upbringing, the Kuma-ou Wagyu beef is endowed with umami and a depth of flavor that won’t be found anywhere else.

Note that this is a properly butchered fully "clean" steak, meaning it has been trimmed. You are not paying for fat or an untrimmed or "half" a steak. Yes, this is a more expensive steak, but that is because we trim 28.3% of the muscle when we portion the steaks.


A5 beef is measured on five factors: (1) marbling, (2) meat color and brightness, (3) firmness and texture of meat, and (4) color, luster and quality of fat.

In the quality grade, the lowest score from the four items of the yield grade is adopted. In other words, even if grade 5 was given to marbling, color and brightness, and firmness and texture, and only fat assessments was grade 4, the quality grade of this beef is classified as grade 4. Quality grading is severely done.

A5 means this beef excels in every single factor.It has a gorgeous webbing of fat that will make you feel a creamy mouth-feel in each bite. Its literally like tasting a cloud... a cloud of beef.

Like all of our steaks, they come vacuum sealed and have been hand-cut by our expert butchers. 


At first glance every cut of A5 beef will be EXTREMELY fatty compared to any other steak you have ever had. That delicate and yet rich fat, which can make up to more than 60% of the steak is what makes it melt in your mouth. 

This amount of fat makes the beef have a lower melting point, meaning it will cook faster than your average steak. Cooking A5 is extremely easy, that said... it is recommended to pay close attention so that you do not burn or overcook your steaks.

Best Cooked: Medium-Rare, Medium, Medium-Well



Source: Miyazaki, Japan


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