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Smoker's Paradise

Smoker's Paradise

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Smoked beef is an art, and good artists work with the best raw materials. This combo is for those who understand the power of slow and low and that patience breeds amazing results.

Fire up your smoker and dive into meat heaven with these amazing items:

2 Baby Back Ribs (2-2.3 lbs):  ( It took us quite some time to find some Baby Back Ribs that were different enough (which is to say, awesome) for Meat N Bone. These delicious ribs are the creme de la creme of Pork Baby Back Ribs. We source them from a specialized place in Chicago that has been focusing only on ribs for many many years. These are THE BEST Baby Back Ribs in the MidWest of the US. 

USDA Prime Packer’s Brisket (11-13 lbs)  ( This is a highest USDA quality brisket. But it is brisket after all and will require to be cooked with love and care, meaning, slowly over at least a couple hours.

3-Bone Short Rib Plate (6 lbs):   ( Its hard to find a good short rib, this is a GREAT short Rib plate cut into a size that is manageable (3 bones). 


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