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Secreto Iberico de Bellota

Secreto Iberico de Bellota

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Uncover the gastronomic secret of Spain with our Secreto Ibérico de Bellota, a cherished cut veiled in the lush Iberian countryside. Nestled beside the ribs of the revered acorn-fed Iberian pigs, this elusive cut unveils a realm of flavors awaiting the discerning palate.

The term "secreto" means "secret" in Spanish, and it is called so because it was traditionally kept by the butchers for themselves due to its exceptional taste and tenderness. Nowadays, it is a popular cut in Spanish cuisine and is often served grilled or roasted with simple seasonings to enhance its natural flavor. It is also used as an ingredient in many traditional Spanish dishes like paella and stews.

Secreto Iberico is one of the most popular cuts in Spain. It is very marbled and also VERY tough to extract and butcher properly. The flavor is spectacular and the preparation is simple (add salt and grill). Pork secreto is juicy, exquisite, and tender.

Key Highlights:


Pristine Origin: Sourced from the heart of Spain's pristine oak groves, where free-roaming Iberian pigs feast on nutritious acorns (bellotas), our Secreto Ibérico de Bellota promises an authentic taste of Spanish heritage.


Flavorful Journey: Embark on a flavorful journey with a cut that boasts a delicate marbling, resulting in a tender, juicy, and exceptionally flavorful feast.


Culinary Versatility: The Secreto Ibérico de Bellota is a testament to culinary versatility. Its unique texture and flavor profile make it a star performer in a myriad of culinary creations, from grilling to slow roasting.

Bellota transforms your dining table into a Spanish gourmet escapade. This cut is more than just a meal; it's a voyage into a cherished culinary tradition, reflecting the essence of Spain's rich gastronomic culture.

The Secreto Ibérico de Bellota is a cut meant to be savored, its flavors narrating tales of ancient oak groves and the rhythmic dance of free-roaming Iberian pigs. Unveil the secrecy enshrined in this gourmet cut and let the flavors of Spain serenade your taste buds.

Discover the rich tapestry of Spanish flavors with our Secreto Ibérico de Bellota. Order yours now and step into a culinary narrative steeped in tradition and flavor.



Iberico Pork is commonly called the “the wagyu” of pork because of its noticeable high marbling. This due to the breed of the pork (Iberian) and how they are raised. We source these pork chops from the very best farms in Spain.

To be called Iberico" it must be from black Iberian pigs and raised in Portugal or Spain. We work with different farms like Farm “vera Vieja” which is located in Retamal de Llerena (Badajoz, Spain). This farm stretches over a vast and rich pasture which provides the highest quality acorns, grass and excellent grazing fields, which is where these pigs are raised eating acorns and grass!

At the end of the day, it is all about the genetics, the feed and the lifestyle of the pork. Treating them just right, following humane practices and allowing the animals to roam freely and happily. They grow slow, and that makes Iberico pork much more expensive than what you will find at your local grocery store... and the difference is something you can taste. Iberico pork is tastier and healthier.

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