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Rum Prime Rib | 60+ Day Dry Aged infused with Carupano Rum

Rum Prime Rib | 60+ Day Dry Aged infused with Carupano Rum

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How To Cook Prime Rib

For detailed instructions, read our blog post on how to cook a boneless prime rib (/blogs/the-clever-cleaver/prime-rib-101-how-to-cook-the-perfect-prime-rib-aka-standing-roast) .



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What happens when you leave the person who is in charge of both, Friday cocktails and Dry Aging on their own on a Friday night? Well, he may have decided to infuse a couple Prime Ribs with some of the best rum in the world: Carupano

One thing I love about these pieces is that they are large enough for a roast or to cut 2 very LARGE steaks.


Carupano is an award-winning Venezuelan-based distillery that is well known for its selection of aged rums, some may reach up to 80 years of aging and retail for up to $1000 US dollars. We didn't use a $1,000 rum to age these steaks.. but we did use "Ron Añejo Carúpano Solera Centenaria" a 21 years aged limited reserve which is considered one of the finest rums in the world.

These 60-Day dry aged roasts are one of a kind. As far as we know we are the ONLY butcher in the US doing something like this.

This is a LIMITED edition product and is sold on a first come first serve basis. 

Expectations? This should be a very nice and tender steak. The aged flavor should be relatively strong and you should be able to feel the sweetness of the rum. 



Read this detailed recipe at our blog (


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