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Ribeye | 100% Grass Fed & Grass Finished

Ribeye | 100% Grass Fed & Grass Finished

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Our grass fed ribeye steaks are a sight to behold, cut from the center of the ribcage, perfectly portioned and sized. This ribeye meets the highest standards of texture, flavor and marbling. Its literally, the perfect steak.

If you love a good steak, you will love our grass fed ribeye.


We have partnered with one of the MOST exclusive grass fed beef (/collections/grass-fed) programs in the US to produce 100% Grass Fed and 100% Grass Finished beef. This is American beef, traceable to a SINGLE FARM in Nebraska, owned by Niman Ranch. 

This is important information as there is little traceability to most grass fed programs and the terms "Grass Fed" and "Grass Finished" are NOT regulated by any government entity. So having the ability to partner with a known brand such as Niman Ranch was important for us (Curious? Read More on our BLOG) ( .

The single source farm used for the grass fed & finished program is located in Nebraska and has tapped into their existing Niman Ranch herd to found the genetic pool for this program

All protocols already in place for Niman Ranch Beef will continue to be used for both programs:

* Certified Humane

* Sustainably Raised

* No Anti-biotics, added hormones, or steroids

This program is very exclusive, harvesting only 40 cattle bi-weekly. It is NOT found in any retailers and is fully traceable from farm to plate. This is a truly unique program with exclusivity and protection put in place to protect its distribution partners and create enough supply for those who have access to it.


* An overwhelming majority of grass fed beef is imported into the US, specifically from countries that do not have the same quality standards or dining preferences as our domestic restaurants (South America, England, Australia, etc.). This program was built for high end steakhouses.

* Most grass fed programs do not focus on marbling, taste, and texture – they simply raise product without grain so that may advertise it as grass fed. Our Grass fed program was designed to yield the best tasting steak, with a focus on marbling, taste and texture.

* Few, if any, grass fed programs are also breed specific – most programs are a mix of breeds without any requirements on genetic makeup of the program or consistency from one animal to the next. The key to our grass fed program is genetics, these animals have been specifically selected.

* There is a complete and total lack of restaurant quality grass fed and finished angus beef in the US and most consumers have resigned themselves to eating low quality grass fed beef because there is no alternative. Now we have the alternative.

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