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Omakase Sushi Experience

Omakase Sushi Experience

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We developed this menu with Chef Tommy Chang for our Irasshaimase Sushi Omakase experience at Undisclosed. We wanted to highlight the quality of Meat N' Bones Fish offerings and we did. The experience is spectacular. 

This experience will require a chef, it will also require a cook. This experience is capped at 15guests. Not much in terms of equipment is required, can be done anywhere.

Priced at $125 excluding staff. Does include plating.



* Kumamoto Oyster With Kimchee & Ponzu Sauce, Wasabi Micro, Fresh Lavender.

* Chilean Sea Bass Sunamono, Truffle, Cucumber, Marinated Tomatoes, Cilantro, Torn Shiso Leaf, Ikura, Tobiko, Ponzu sauce

* Edamame Sauteed with Dry Sake, Furakaki Seasoning, Smoked Sea Salt, Micro Cilantro

* Torched Miso Shoyu O Toro Sushi, Caviar, Tamari Glaze, &

* Blue Fin Tuna Sushi, Edible Gold Leaf, Tamari Glaze.

* Salmon Bara Chirashi Sushi, Chives, Ponzu Sauce, Soy Cured Quail Egg Rice Bowl, Caviar

* Octopus Temaki Taco, Scallion, Boniato Flakes, Ponzu Sauce, Fois Grass, Unagi Sauce.

* Takoyaki With Boniato Flakes, Unagi Sauce, Umami sauce, Furikaki , Micro Cilantro, & Tobiko.

* Snapper, Tuna, & Tamago, Pickled Daikon, Cucumber Futo Maki, Ikura & Truffle.

* Yuzu & Tamari Cured Scallop, Ikura, Shiso Leaf, Seared Rice roll, Micro Wasabi, Umami Sauce.

* Matcha Panna Cotta With Carbonated Boba Pearls


This experience does not require much in terms of equipment, we will need access to a fridge. Everything else our staff will bring.


We recommend keeping this event small, the recommended size for this event is anywhere from 2 to 15 people.  All of our servers and team members will be uniformed and properly trained. 

You will require one of our chefs to "run" the event.


If you do not feel comfortable at home we own two venues where you can have this experience. We also have built partnerships with third parties to arrange for other venues.


Usually, this experience will run anywhere between $90 and $125 per person, depending on the number of guests and modifications customers make to our base package.  The minimum size for this event is 2 guests.

Cost includes menu design, prep, proteins, and some equipment. It does include some decoration of plates, garnishing, and disposables for presentation. You will require one of our chefs to "run" the event.

Equipment cost is not included as well as servers. Costs may vary depending on location.


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