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Odd Side Ales Brewing | Bean Flicker Coffee | Blonde Ale

Odd Side Ales Brewing | Bean Flicker Coffee | Blonde Ale

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This blonde ale offers a light coffee note with gentle grains which tricks your mind into thinking you are drinking a stout. It is quite crisp and refreshing.

Blonde Ale - 4.5% ABV


Odd Side Ales is a family of gifted individuals, focused on the shared goal of crafting unique products while maintaining the utmost quality.

Their story began in 2010, as a micro-brewery producing craft beer from their pub located inside the historic piano factory in Grand Haven, Michigan. They quickly outgrew the pub’s brewing capacity and now, after three different expansions, brew from their own 44,000 sq. ft. facility.

Their main focus is to creatively stay on the leading edge of craft beer styling. While maintaining a large core of year-round and seasonal favorites, they strive to introduce new recipes that push the boundaries of flavor combinations and craft beer categories. Everyone at Odd Side Ales is there because they have a true love of craft beer, the industry as a whole, and the people who drink and enjoy what we are able to do each day!


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