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NY Strip Dry Aged Bundle

NY Strip Dry Aged Bundle

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We have steaks from what we consider the best dry-aged program in the US. This is the real stuff. These petit New York Strips are the smaller, a bit more grainy cousin of our Dry Aged Kansas steaks. They come from the same muscle and they are approximately 8oz. They are nicely trimmed but they MAY have a vein or two.

They are cut from G1 Certified USDA Prime Striploin and they are Dry Aged anywhere between 45 and 60 days. 

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What does this bundle include?

4x Petit New York Strip Steak (45+ Days Dry Aged): Dry aging takes time, a keen eye for quality, and a precise technique for the perfect ripening climate. We have it. A proper dry-aged steak is expensive and usually found at only the best steakhouses. These steaks are FUNKY and will be SMELLY.  As steaks are dry-aged they lose moisture as evaporation occurs and natural enzymes change the steak. This produces a strong umami flavor and the breakdown of carbohydrates produces a sweetish taste. A lot of purveyors are selling 30-day dry-aged steaks where the funk is noticeable... these steaks are VERY dry-aged. The funk will be strong.

1x Butcher's Maldon Salt: Maldon salt is a unique, high-quality sea salt known for its flaky, pyramid-shaped crystals. Harvested from the pristine seawaters of the Blackwater Estuary in Maldon, England, this salt has been cherished by chefs and gourmands worldwide for its clean, subtle flavor and delicate crunch. Unlike regular table salt, Maldon salt is free from artificial additives and retains a natural balance of minerals from the sea.

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