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New York Strip Tasting

New York Strip Tasting

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Often our customers are taken away by our ample selection of New York Strips. We love the strip... it is such a great steak... it offers the perfect choice between "beefy" favlor and tenderness... and yet... what is the best NY Strip steak? Is it the Wagyu? USDA Prime? USDA Choice CAB? Wagyu-Angus? How about Grass Fed? 

It is truly hard to pick... frankly, we have a hard time recommending one over the other. Is wagyu really worth a premium over our amazing USDA Prime steaks?

You be the judge.

This combo is for 7 NY Strip Steaks. You could feel 7-9 people with it... or you can just have them all for yourself and enjoy the greatness:

* 1x USDA Prime NY Strip (  

* 1x USDA Choice NY Strip (CAB) (

* 1x Wagyu-Angus Cross NY Strip (

* 1x Wagyu BMS6-7 NY Strip (

* 2x Uruguayan Grass Fed NY Strips (                

* 1x A5 Striploin  (

All of the steaks will come vacuum sealed packed individually (except grass fed, thats a 2-pack).



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