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Matambre Steak | Premium Reserve

Matambre Steak | Premium Reserve

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The Matambre is one of the most popular cuts of beef in Uruguay and Argentina. Its not very popular anywhere else. Then again, Uruguay and Argentina are two nations known for their love of good beef.

Our Matambre is truly special... heck its literal translation is "hunger-killer". Our Matambre comes from MidWestern cows at Ferry Farms. This is important, since most Matamabre you can find in Miami comes from lower quality suppliers. 

Do note it requires some skill to prepare Matambre. 

You are buying a product from our Meat N' Bone Premium Reserve. This particular brand of beef comes from Ferry Farms, in Litchfield Michigan. Ferry Farms is a Michigan centennial farm owned and operated by the Ferrys since 1906. They are the EXCLUSIVE provider for the Private Reserve beef, which you can ONLY find at Meat N' Bone.

For us, this is what Meat is supposed to taste like.  Our Premium Reserve is not as perfectly cut as our USDA Prime or USDA Choice beef, in fact the steaks will vary in size... Its more... rudimentary. But so its the flavor. You can taste Michigan in the beef.

The Ferry family is passionate about their cattle and consider their animals a part of their family. The cattle at Ferry Farms grows in a clean and comfortable environment.


It fills us with pride to be able to provide such an exclusive product to a market like Miami, where it is simply impossible to find "real" farm product... 


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