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King of Tomahawks Set | 3 Steaks

King of Tomahawks Set | 3 Steaks

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A Tomahawk steak is like a good watch, it is an indulgence. You don't NEED a Tomahawk.. you WANT a tomahawk. Let’s get that out of the way. A Tomahawk is the KING, the manliest steak out there... the center piece of your grill or dinner table.

A Tomahawk is a statement.

And if you are going to make a statement, then you got to do it with THE BEST Tomahawks in the market.  These are it:

- 45+ Dry Aged USDA Prime Tomahawk:  ( Dry Aged for up to 60 days un the windy city of Chicago. This tomahawk can only be found in some of the most high-end steaks in the city for about 4x the price.

- USDA Prime G1 Certified Tomahawk: (  A 30 day wet aged USDA Prime Tomahawk sourced from the US Midwest.

- BMS8+ Wagyu Tomahawk: (  One of the best steaks out of one of the best Wagyu Tomahawks from Australia. This is a DELICIOUS steak at an AMAZING price.

You can go and get a cheap Tomahawk that costs as much as a good Ribeye... or you can do it (or gift it) right!


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