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Keveri H1 Grill | Grill / Smoker

Keveri H1 Grill | Grill / Smoker

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Over the years at Meat N' Bone we have worked with hundreds of grills, and to be frank there are MANY of them that are great. But we were extremely impressed by this Keveri H1.

The Keveri H1 is a different take on the concept of BBQ and it is extremely versatile.... with the Keveri you have a professional grill, a clay oven, a smoker, a high temperature grilling oven, and a pizza oven all in one. It is particularly spacious for the real estate it takes and it is surprisingly easy to clean (and move!).

This unit will allow you to smoke meat until it falls of the bone or sear a Ribeye at 800 degrees. You can make the perfect pizza, or grills. During the demonstration we cooked: Pizza, Mussels, Picanha and steaks.

The Keveri runs on either charcoal or wood.  Keveri H1 doubles capacity and utilizes up to 80% less charcoal than other same size grills. It is easy to use and has 4 Grilling Modes:

* Low & Slow: Perfect for long hour recipes and smoked meals.

* Classic: Ideal for traditional kettle BBQ and clay oven recipes.

* Fast Grill: Enjoy the best steaks, seafood, fish, and vegetables with a unique golden crust and perfect juiciness in less than 5 minutes.

* Pizza: Make your pizza like a professional. The best pizzas are made at really high temperatures in just a few minutes.




* Professional grade 304 stainless steel interior

* Capacity: 620 sq inch. / expandable to 930 sq inch.

* 2 Stainless Steel Grill 15 3/4" x 19 3/4"

* Weight: 154lbs / weight in box: 172lbs

Includes user manual, removable Cart and grill tongs.


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