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Jealous Devil Onyx | Binchotan Charcoal

Jealous Devil Onyx | Binchotan Charcoal

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Here is a cool video that explains how Binchotan charcoal is made:

We have been looking for a supplier of Binchotan charcoal for quite some time. So when our friends from Jealous Devil said they have been developing one for over 4 years, well, let's just say we jumped at the opportunity to sell it.

We only ship Charcoal to Customers using ground service. Note if you're ordering Charcoal in conjunction with any perishables (Meat, Fish, etc...) our customer service team will contact you to arrange a shipping method and it will be an upcharge of $10-$35 depending on your location. A single charcoal order cannot exceed 70 lbs.

What Is Binchotan Charcoal? What Makes It So Special?

* The Binchotan(備長炭) is named after a charcoal maker in Tanabe, Wakayama prefecture in Japan. Bicchuya Chozaemon (備中屋長左衛門) who started selling this type of charcoal (Tan or炭) in late 17th Century.


Binchotan is the rarest and most coveted hardwood lump charcoal in the world. It was developed in 17th-century Japan by master craftsmen who passed the secrets of its incredibly demanding production methods from generation to generation.

* Binchotan is the purest charcoal on earth and it is prized by chefs around the world. The unique process of extreme heat (over 2300ºF) and using specialized kilns results in an incredibly hot burning and long-lasting Japanese style charcoal.

* While Binchotan does not light easy (it is 100% natural), once it lights, it burns hotter, longer and cleaner than any briquette or lump charcoal on the planet.

* Binchotan is smokeless, odorless and has no open flame. This makes it excellent for any yakitori cooking or any open-fire concept cooking.  

* Last but not least, it produces FIR heat (Far Infrared Heat). This type of heat fully penetrates the meat for a perfectly even cook from the inside out. 

* Binchotan will change the texture, flavor, and all-around experience in cooking and flavor profile of your food.

* Also, it is probably the ONLY charcoal that you can re-use. You can literally put it out with water and relight. 


Jealous Devil found a way to make Binchotan out of Quebracho Blanco hardwood from Paraguay which is one of the densest woods on the planet.

About Jealous Devil

We like this company because it has similar values to Meat N' Bone. The folks from JD focus on sourcing the BEST type of charcoal. They use Quebracho Blanco hardwood from Paraguay which is one of the densest woods on the planet.

The charcoal is "craft made" in small batches and everything they do has been well thought out; even the packaging which is weather-resistant and re-sealable. 

They harvest wood sustainably so that the rainforest is not harmed and they are reinvesting into our own production to reduce our carbon footprint and move towards FSC certification.

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