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Jealous Devil BOOM! | Firestarters

Jealous Devil BOOM! | Firestarters

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These firestarters are not only fun, but they are also extremely effective. They are built to be the equivalent of 5 starters of leading competitor brands and deliver a 10 in. flame for 20 plus minutes. 

Shaped like a bomb, booms pair signature JEALOUS DEVIL personality with unmatched performance to ensure your fire starts as desired. Boom firestarters are also virtually smokeless, waterproof, odorless, and don't add flavor to your food. It's time to make every BBQ bomb with boom.

* 100% organic and eco-friendly made entirely from coconut fibers

* Single boom Firestarter is equivalent to 3-5 starters of leading competitor brands

* Emits a 10 in. high flame, reaches over 1500°F, and burns for 20 plus minutes

* Virtually smokeless and odorless and adds no flavor to food

* Water-resistant

About Jealous Devil

We like this company because it has similar values to Meat N' Bone. The folks from JD focus on sourcing the BEST type of charcoal. They use Quebracho Blanco hardwood from Paraguay which is one of the densest woods on the planet.

The charcoal is "craft made" in small batches and everything they do has been well thought out, even the packaging which is weather-resistant and re-sealable. 

They harvest wood sustainably so that the rainforest is not harmed and they are reinvesting into our own production to reduce our carbon footprint and move towards FSC certification.

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