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Iberico Bone-In Double Pork Chop

Iberico Bone-In Double Pork Chop

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Take a look at this step by step guide ( on how to cook these chops!

Pork is awesome. These Double Pork Chops are INCREDIBLE. This is the Wagyu of Pork... extremely tender, marbled and easy to cook. Grill them, pan-sear them, smoke them, sous vide them... up... to you!!

This Pork Chop is a Rib Chop, meaning it comes from the front of the animal. When it comes to Pork (and lamb and almost every other animal) the Rib Chop and the loin are the exact same muscle, the difference is where on the animal you take it from. If it looks like a Ribeye, it comes from the Rib Chop, if it looks like a Porterhouse (even without the tenderloin attached to it) its a Loin Chop.  Note that the rib chop is ALWAYS the better chop (for pork)... as the pork is always more marbled on the front than in the rear of the animal.



To be called "Jamon Iberico" it must be from black iberian pigs and raised in Portugal or Spain.

This is particular piece comes from black pigs that are free range and fed on a grass and grain based diet. 

Our Pork Chops come from Iberico hobs raised in Spain, at Farm Vera Vieja which is located in Retamal de Llerena (Badajoz, Spain). This farm stretches over a vast and rich pasture which provides the highest quality acorns, grass and excellent grazing fields for its Iberico pigs. The farm is quite big and holds itself to the highest standards. All the pigs are then processed at El Navazo slaughterhouse which is the most modern and state-of- the-art meat processing facility in Europe

Many producers produce Jamon Iberico from pigs who live indoors most of their life. This is NOT the case. These jams come from pigs who roam freely their whole life and are fed a diet of grass and grain.





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