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Hamachi (Buri) Side | Skin-On

Hamachi (Buri) Side | Skin-On

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The Japanese Amberjack or as well know it "Hamachi" is a species of jackfish native to the Pacific Northwest.  Hamachi has become the most popular fish after Salmon and Tuna.

It also goes by the name of "Buri" which is how it should be called, because technically a Hamachi is a Bury of a certain size. That said, marketers will be marketers so they will be found on the menu as ] “hamachi”, “yellowtail”,  “Japanese amberjack” instead of “buri.”

Hamachi is a fatty fish, it melts in your mouth which is why it is so good for sushi and sashimi applications. In Japan people enjoy enjoy such dishes as sushi, sashimi, buri daikon, buri shabushabu, and salt-grilled buri, whereas Japanese restaurants abroad serve hamachi as carpaccio, ceviche, and teriyaki.


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