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Ground Lamb | Midwestern

Ground Lamb | Midwestern

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This Ground Lamb is made from high-quality Midwestern Lamb. It is great for many Mediterranean dishes such as kebabs, and won't be "gamey" or strong in flavor. It also makes for an awesome Shepherd's pie or even Ragu for pasta! 


What makes this ground lamb so special is that these lambs are raised like beef. They are raised eating high-quality pasture and grass and finished on grain. These "happy lambs" are raised on a stress-free environment where everything is controlled for them to grow healthy and happy. This practice leads to a mellow flavor and lots of marbling.

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Domestic Lamb is more premium and harder to procure. It is 1.5x larger than imported lamb and it has a milder flavor. Unlike lamb from Australia or New Zealand, it does not have a "gamey" flavor.

This item MIGHT be delivered frozen. 

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