Grillmaster's Box by Meat N’ Bone

Grillmaster's Cocktail Station

Grillmaster's Cocktail Station

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Say you are hosting an event, it is not too formal. You want your guests to be able to walk up to the guy on the grill and have him serve some delicious small pieces of steak. It is not meant to be a full meal (although it could be with enough meat), but it is meant to be fun.

Our guys will be uniformed, the grill will look great and the quality of the steaks we serve... well it is Meat N' Bone.  

The price will of course vary depending on your selection of steaks. The price quoted is a deposit of $500. Note you will need to rent a grill, as well as have a setup. In terms of staff, you will require a Grill Master and an Assistant. Large groups may require additional grills and staff.

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