Grillmaster's Box by Meat N’ Bone

Grill Master's Red Ale Beer | 6 Pack

Grill Master's Red Ale Beer | 6 Pack

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This is a product we are particularly proud of, not only because this is an excellent beer. But also because who did not want to make their own beer? I think I wanted to have my own beer before I was even old enough to drink!!

That said, while we are Grill Master's, we are not Brew Masters (not for lack of trying). So we decided to partner up with a local craft brewery here in Miami. Focal Brewery Co a local and independent craft brewery out of Little River... they share our values and penchant for quality.

This is a red ale, it is an approachable style of beer for those looking for something different. It is VERY refreshing, but you it can also be enjoyed and appreciated by even the most discerning of craft connoisseurs. This is a beer that can be enjoyed in any occasion with a lot of food options... we particularly like the way it pairs with a hot steak just off the grill.


5% ABV IBU 15

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