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Grill Master Service

Grill Master Service

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Give your private party or event an upscale atmosphere by hiring one of our expert Grill Masters to grill some of our amazing meats. This service is provided by our sister company GetTheCook ( which is a fully insured and licensed catering company.

Our Grill Master's are finely trained in the art of the grill. Each one of our guys has hundreds of hours of grill time and knows our product intimately. If you wish to talk to one of our team members please call  (877) 448-6328 or email us at

You can also add this item to your cart, check out and we will call you to follow up.

The Grill Master includes:

* Grill Master - 4 Hours (properly uniformed)

* Knives / Tools 

* Cutting Board

* Sides are available for purchase

* Some appetizers available for purchase

* We can also provide beer and wine. However, our Grill Master cannot serve it.

What To Expect?

Each BBQ master will grill for up to 25 people on his own. However, he will NOT serve. Assistants can be added for an additional $90 for 4 hours. Assistants can support serving guests and can support the grill master serving an additional 25 guests (per assistant).

Once you book our Grill Master you will receive a phone call from one of our team members to SCHEDULE date and time as well as discuss menu options. We have options that go BEYOND just grilling such as Prime Rib Sandwiches, smoked brisket, Arepas, etc.

We will also go over a list of questions and make sure the customer understands the scope of our services.

We have grills of several sizes available and the ability to carry them to the location for a fee. We also have tables, canopies, and equipment that we can use.


Additional Charges By Area

We have tried to keep our Grill Master service as inexpensive as possible. However, after doing over 200 Grill Masters last year we have realized that it is harder to operate in some areas than others. 

* Within 5 miles of our Boutiques - NONE (+$0)

* Miami Beach +$25

* Homestead - +$25

* North Broward +$25

* Condominiums / Buildings + $15 

Keep in mind:

* Scheduled Grillmaster Service deposits are NOT refundable prior to 48 hours to the scheduled date.

* Surged Holidays dates (Memorial Weekend, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year) have a charge of 2X of the service rate.

Schedule your Grill Master Service by clicking HERE (

I want something more upscale... 

We offer Premium Catering services via GetTheCook ( . The pricing is more akin to what catering companies charge. However, the standard of service is much higher.

However, given the number of catering we do, our Grill Masters are able to do experiences such as a Wagyu Omakase. All you have to do is enquire. Also, we do offer some nice appetizers that come straight out of our catering kitchen such as:

* Wagyu Nigiris

* Provoleta

* Carpaccio (Beef, Octopus, Salmon, Lobster)

* Tuna Tataki

* Salmon Tataki

* Ceviche 

How far in advance should I schedule my grill master?

You should schedule ASAP as bookings are based on availability.  That said please remember Grill Masters are non refundable less than 48 hours before the date.

Can you use my grill or do I have to rent one?

We can use your grill as long as it's appropriate for the occasion and it is in working condition. Our grill masters are familiar with most commercial grills (BGE, Pellet Grills, Weber, etc)

If you need to rent a grill let our team know.

My guest list is not set, up when can I change the menu?

We understand that things change and will work with you up to 24 hours before the event. We can make changes up until then.

Will the Grill Master bring sides? Can you grill up some veggies for us? 

We now offer a few sides made at our steakhouse: The Wagyu Bar. Sides (/collections/sides) available:

* 1lb Mashed Potatoes - $10.99

* 1lb Truffled Mashed Potatoes - $15.99

* 1lb Benton's Mac & Cheese - $16.99

* 10oz Steakhouse Creamy Spinach - $16.99 

I have some meat in my freezer, can the Grill Master cook that?

No. We do not allow our grill masters to cook ANY protein not sold by Meat N' Bone. We are a butcher shop that provides grilling services, we are not a cooking service. If you have some Meat N' Bone in your freezer from a previous order or engagement we are more than happy to cook that.

No exceptions will be made under any circumstance. If you need more meat than initially requested we will send a driver out and have it delivered. 

Should I tip my Grill Master? 

Our Grill Masters are fairly compensated for their time. However, they do appreciate tips as they work hard for them. 


You can send us an email to, call us to 1 (877) 448-6328 or fill this form:

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