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Gourmet Grill & Stream Combo

Gourmet Grill & Stream Combo

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The Gourmet Grill & Stream Combo is a great daily bundle for those looking to test the waters on some delicious steaks and a great fish filet along with one of our newly released aromatics salt! It includes:

* 2x Petit New York Strip Steak (45+ Days Dry Aged) 

* 1x Rainbow Trout

* 1x Meat N' Bone Aegean Aromatics Salt

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About our Petit New York Strip Steak (45+ Days Dry Aged)

We have steaks from what we consider the best dry-aged program in the US. This is the real stuff. These petit New York Strips are the smaller, a bit more grainy cousin of our Dry Aged Kansas steaks. They come from the same muscle and they are approximately 8ox. They are nicely trimmed but they MAY have a vein or two.

They are cut from G1 Certified USDA Prime Striploin and they are Dry Aged anywhere between 45 and 60 days. 

This is one of our favorite products and in the past we just kept them.  Learn more about this product here (

About our Rainbow Trout

Sourced and hand-selected from the pristine spring waters of Medellin, Colombia, this fish is rich in Omega 3 content and has no preservatives or artificial pigmentation. 

It is cut butterfly-style and vacuum sealed. Rainbow trout has a mild and somewhat nutty flavor that is distinctive from other types of trout. It has tender, flaky flesh and is going to be white in color. 

Steam, poach, pan-fry, stir-fry, bake, braise, grill, barbecue, smoke, raw (sashimi), pickle. It holds well in soups and casseroles. 

Learn more about this product here (

About our Aegean Aromatics Salt

Embark on a culinary journey to the heart of the Aegean with our Aegean Aromatics Spritz, a masterfully blended seasoning that brings the essence of Mediterranean cuisine to your kitchen. This gourmet seasoning is a tapestry of rich flavors, inspired by the sun-kissed landscapes and aromatic breezes of the Aegean coast.

At the core of Aegean Aromatics Spritz is a harmonious blend that captures the boldness of the Mediterranean. The earthy warmth of thyme, the subtle sharpness of minced onion, and the deep, smoky undertones of smoked paprika come together to create a flavor profile that is both complex and comforting. Infused with a hint of Spanish sea salt, this seasoning adds a delicate, salty crispness that enhances the natural flavors of the ingredients, while a whisper of sugar balances the blend with a gentle sweetness. 

Learn more about this product here (

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