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Daura | Gluten-Free IPA (Bottled)

Daura | Gluten-Free IPA (Bottled)

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Daura was launched in 2006 and has since been recognized as the best crafted to remove gluten beer obtaining the most prestigious, world-renowned awards.​

Damm Master Brewers and the gluten department of the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC) gave great news to the world. Together they developed one of the first crafted to remove gluten beer.

Daura maintains the flavor of real beers as it is made with the same main ingredient: barley malt.

Gluten is a protein. During the manufacturing phase the chain of gluten is broken through a process of enzymatic hydrolysation and protein precipitation, obtaining a final product that is suitable for celiacs.​ 


This India Pale Ale is crafted with 100% natural Mediterranean ingredients and an array of hop varieties, including Summit (spicy), Citra (citrusy), Simcoe (resinous) and Mosaic (fruity), for a robust hop presence.


6% abv


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