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Coppa Iberica de Bellota | Just Sliced

Coppa Iberica de Bellota | Just Sliced

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If you like Jamon Iberico you will most likely LOVE coppa. It is very marbled, tender and delicious. Our Coppa comes directly from Spain and it comes from 100% Iberico Pigs fed on Bellota (Acorns) and Cebo.

Note: Open at-least 45 minutes before consumption, let it air and come to room temperature for maximum flavor.


Many producers produce Jamon Iberico from pigs who live indoors most of their life. This is NOT the case. These jams come from pigs who roam freely their whole life and are fed a diet of grass and grain.

 Read more about what makes Jamon Iberico the finest jam in the world. (

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