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Chef Chucho's Brine

Chef Chucho's Brine

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Ever wondered how a multiple Michelin Star-rated chef brines? We did... and we asked.... and then we partnered with Michelin Star Chef Chucho Rojas to offer this recipe.

It's simple, it's delicious, it can be frozen and it comes conveniently packed so all you have to do is open the package and place it on top of your turkey under running water.


* Grab your protein and open it (frozen or thawed out, it doesn't matter)

* Place it in a bin or tub with cold water. The turkey will sit here for 6-12 hours.

* Add the brine (Don't forget the salt, which comes separately) and rub it all over the piece.

* After 4-10 hours remove from water and use a drainer to capture all the herbs and fruits. You want to grab these and place them back on the turkey right before you cook it.

* Get cooking!


Chef Chucho Rojas is a distinguished Venezuelan chef whose culinary journey is marked by a blend of cultural influences and a commitment to healthy eating. His formative years were shaped by early culinary guidance at the age of nine, which was further honed at the prestigious Gregoire Ferrandi school in Paris.  He also worked as a researcher for the French Academy of Sciences under the direction of Hervé This. 

His professional career spans directing notable restaurants, including several Michelin-rated restaurants in Paris, including Au Cocodrille, La Vieille Enseigne and Serge & Co.

Chucho was recently one of the Chefs working behind the scenes with up-and-coming chefs at Master Chef for Latin America. He has led various projects, including directing large restaurants, implementing nutritional programs, and offering consultation for the creation of new gastronomic spaces​

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