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Camel Burger | 3-Pack

Camel Burger | 3-Pack

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These camels are wild and come from the hot and arid Australian Outback. 

How come there are camels in Australia of all places? Well, it turns out they were taken there from British India and Afghanistan by settlers as early as 1860 (mostly for transportation and construction), and after the invention of the car, a whole bunch of camel herds were released into the wild. They are known today as the Australian Feral Camel. 

They eat the food sources available to them in the wild, which include grass, tree bark, and even fruit. 80% of their diet consists of water. They are 100% hormone and antibiotic free. 


Highly praised for its taste, this truly exotic meat is similar in taste and texture to beef, pork and lamb. Although it is naturally on the leaner side, camel meat is packed with flavor, with just a hint of gaminess and sweetness. Being considered a delicacy in many African and Middle Eastern countries, this is an awesome option for those looking to try something different (and VERY tasty). 

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