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Buffalo Jerky Stick | Alaskan Jerky

Buffalo Jerky Stick | Alaskan Jerky

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This delicious Jerky is produced in Alaska by a team that has been doing this for a long... long time. They use only the finest ingredients, natural spices, and inspected game meat. It is made with beef and elk.

Alaska. Bison is lean and mean, these sticks have all the mighty benefits of North American bison.

8oz per pack. Perfect for camping, hiking, and traveling. Stash a couple in your backpack or carry-on for an easy quick-energy snack, and add a few to your survival/emergency preparedness kit. 


I was driving down one of the most dangerous roads in the USA and saw a sign for game meats and custom meats. I could not help myself and drove up a steep hill in the middle of winter (thank god I rented a 4x4) and got to "Indian Valley Meats".  The facility was actually quite nice and lots of hunters were getting their meats processed. Because I could not help myself I bought a lot of different Jerkys. It was love at first sight.


Indian Valley Meats was built around Doug Drum's outdoor lifestyle. He founded the company next to his cedar home in the scenic town of Indian, Alaska, where the Chugach mountain range meets the Pacific Ocean. In the early days, the plant mostly processed game and fish brought in by locals who were putting up food for the winter. Doug even processed native foods for some of the rural villages. Today, they do quite a bit more.

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