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Argentine Santa Maria Wood Fire & Charcoal Grill

Argentine Santa Maria Wood Fire & Charcoal Grill

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This is one of the most awesome grills we have ever seen. It is fun to use, fun to see, and very attractive. It is NOT cheap but it is highly efficient. We have used one of these bad boys to cook for over 400 people.

If you want the "kitchen" to be a show, you got to have a Tagwood at your event.


Note that we only rent equipment for GetTheCook Catering events.


The Tagwood Santamaria is a beautiful grill built entirely using 304 stainless steel. This is a grill that was built TOUGH, designed to stay outside. There is pretty much nothing you could not grill on this beauty. You can grill at high temp, smoke and roast.

It does require Wood or Charcoal, which is included in the rental.


We will drop off the Tagwood 24 hrs before the event and pick it up the day after. This is a big and heavy item, it requires care, transportation, etc.

Price includes transportation and cleaning as well as charcoal. Note that you will need to hire one of our Grill Masters to operate it.

The Tagwood is subject to availability.


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