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Amish Creamery Cheese

Amish Creamery Cheese

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Crafted in Middlebury, Indiana—this is a mild cheese that uses selected cultures to develop a “buttery” flavor. 

This Amish Creamery Cheese is just the perfect ratio of creamy to salty to flavorful. Eat it melted, on a sandwich, or even use it as stuffing for burgers! 


What is now called the Heritage Ridge Creamery was started by a local Amish man in 1979 hoping to provide a market for local Amish dairy farms still using milk cans.

On the first day of production, the plant welcomed one can milk truck with about 15,000 pounds of milk on it. Then through its early days, the company made both longhorn style and barreled cheeses. Later on, the facility began focusing exclusively on longhorn, stirred curd cheeses, and they have been masters of the craft ever since.

Today the Heritage Ridge Creamery welcomes milk from its local dairy farmer-owners who are focused on perfecting their milk quality through continuous improvement every day.


The farmers that make up the Heritage Ridge Creamery are local business owners following a family tradition. Many of these farmers have been farming their land for multiple generations and share a passion for dairy farming.

They rise early in the morning every day for first milking, but don’t rest until their work is done. They are good stewards of the land they rely on—always practicing sensible sustainable practices to ensure a viable business to pass down to the next generation. And above all, they focus on the health and well-being of their animals, a practice verified through enrollment in the National Dairy FARM Program.

The Heritage Ridge Creamery is owned and operated by these very farmers. They milk the cows, tend the soil and participate in the governance of their cooperative. Their values, their pride in their product guides the creamery in crafting our cheese.

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