• Actual Quality

    Unlike most subscription boxes we are actually selling a quality product. These boxes use the exact same products sold at Meat N' Bone. We aren't offering you "cheap ground beef for life" because our ground beef is made with high quality G1 Certified Beef.

  • Amazing Service

    We believe in offering every customer the highest level of attention and care. We like to treat people like people, perhaps its because we are a family owned and run business... or perhaps is because we miss the days when people actually worked on building relationships!

  • Options for every budget

    Whether you want a box of proteins ideal for the day to day.... or a box of cool different craft cuts to expand your worldview. We have it.

    If you would rather order "a la carte" there is always Meat N' Bone.


We only work with high quality beef sourced in the USA (Wagyu from Japan and Australia). All of our beef is inspected and graded. Only G1 Certified USDA Prime and Choice steaks.

The same rigurous standards of quality apply to our seafood, pork, game, etc...