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Whole Striploin (NY) | USDA Prime

Whole Striploin (NY) | USDA Prime

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Indulge in the rich, savory flavors of our Whole Striploin (NY) | USDA Prime, the origin of the iconic New York Strip steak. This gourmet cut boasts a USDA Prime G1 certification, hailing from the heart of the Midwestern plains. Unveil a feast of exquisite marbling that promises a melt-in-your-mouth delight with every bite.

Preserving its natural essence, our Whole Striploin is delivered untrimmed, empowering you to tailor your cuts to perfection. Whether craving a thick, juicy 2-inch New York Strip or slender slices for a delectable sandwich, the choice is yours to create.

Dive into a well-balanced feast as the Striploin finds its fat content harmoniously nestled between the lean tenderloin and the lush ribeye. Unlike the varying textures of a ribeye, experience a consistent, tender texture throughout, making every cut a culinary masterpiece.

Each Striploin weighs in at an average of 12-14 Lbs, offering a generous portion to satisfy your gourmet endeavors. Elevate your grill game with this prime cut and let your culinary imagination run wild!

The average Striploin weights 12-14 Lbs. 

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