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Whole Brisket Wagyu (Packer Style) | BMS 7+

Whole Brisket Wagyu (Packer Style) | BMS 7+

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This is a high quality brisket. But it is "packer style", meaning you will have to do some trimming and cleaning. This is the kind of Brisket you take to a competition (and a lot of our customers do)... it has beautiful marbling, has been wet aged for 30 days and is just great.. now you may be accused of cheating because it is THAT tender.

Do note... it is brisket after all and will require to be cooked with love and care, meaning, slowly over at least a couple hours.



Our Packer Style briskets have been featured in Food & Wine!



Brisket is not a steak.. meaning, we don't get to trim it and cut it to an exact weight (we could, but it would just drive price up). Each steer will be different and its Brisket will be of a size... because we sell online at pre-determined prices we have divided the Briskets in weight ranges. We price them to the lower end of the weight range... so if its a 10-13 lb, we are pricing it at 10 lbs. So while you may be getting the smaller end of the weight, range... you are still getting what you paid for.


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