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Whetstone | Medium / Fine Grit with Non-Slip Stand

Whetstone | Medium / Fine Grit with Non-Slip Stand

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Nobody needs a super expensive knife sharpener but everyone needs to have a good knife sharpener in their kitchen. While most good knife manufacturers will say their knives will stay sharp forever, simple physics dictate the contrary. No matter how good your knife is... it will lose its sharpness overtime. Specially if you are cutting fat.

This knife sharpeners presents a good price/value proposition. It has a very good high quality stone with a dual-grit design of the stone allows the user to sharpen using a fine or more abrasive medium finishing surface with one tool.

Note that this is a whetstone. So it needs to be soaked in water prior to usage. I love whetstones (aka waterstones) because they remain sharp for much longer than traditional sharpening tools.  Why? As you sharpen with it, the stone loses softer particles first, keeping the harder more abrasive particles intact. This means that it is less likely to become rounded and dull, as is the case with comparable sharpeners.

This sharpening stone comes with a custom case that acts as a stand using non-slip foot grips to keep the stone stationary during use.



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