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Wagyu Experience

Wagyu Experience

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The Wagyu Experience was developed for those who are looking for an experienced grill master to cook high-end wagyu steaks at a private location of your choosing. The Wagyu Experience has been designed with a group of 10 people in mind.

You will get to try 2-4 oz of each cut: RibEye, Filet Mignon, New York from different the finest farms in the US, Australia, Uruguay and Japan.

You and your 9 guests will eat A LOT. More importantly, will taste the difference between each cut and experience the different BMS grades.This experience is spectacular and would be extremely expensive at a high end steakhouse (we estimate close to $400 per person).

One of the coolest things about our experiences is that you and your guests will be able to talk to our very knowledgeable grill masters about the different cuts you are about to eat.

Our Grill Masters are finely trained in the art of the grill. Each one of our guys has hundreds of hours of grill times and know our product intimately.

Once you book an Experience you will receive a phone call from one of our team members to SCHEDULE date and time as well as discuss menu options. 

We require at-least a week in advance to serve this experience as we only schedule our most experienced Grill Masters for these type of services. 

At Your Home Or Our's

Our Grill Master service is usually an "at home" experience. However, for a LIMITED time we are offering our private venue, which is a fully equipped restaurant and kitchen for no additional cost.  However, no exterior food or drinks can be brought in. Everything can be acquired at Meat N' Bone store prices (not restaurant prices).

The Wagyu Bar is located at 2757 Coral Way, Miami FL 33145 (next to our Boutique)


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