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Virginia is for Rib Lovers | Rib Rub

Virginia is for Rib Lovers | Rib Rub

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Back in 2002, Ken Hess, then Catering Chef at the award winning Greenbrier, cooked his first BBQ contest in Lynchburg, Virginia. This ignited an incredible love and appreciation for the culture and flavors of American barbeque.

After a 15-year love affair working alongside of the country's top pitmasters and winning World Championships, Ken Hess returned to his home in Lynchburg to open County Smoak, which is one of the best BBQ spots in the country. 

Meat N' Bone fell in love with Ken's rubs, which are used at County Smoak and are perfect for our customers.

The Virginia is for Rib lovers is a rub ideal for... well... Ribs!


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