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Venison Filet Mignon | 3-Pack

Venison Filet Mignon | 3-Pack

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Need some help getting started with Venison Filets? Checkout this step by step recipe!

Each pack weights 12oz and contains three filets (about 4oz per filet).

Venison is a good source of many vitamins and minerals including riboflavin, niacin and iron as well as important amino acids.

Our Venison is humanely raised on clean, open, free-range ranches by family farmers who take pride in producing the finest, buttery tender, venison in the world. Cervena venison is always under 3 years old and consistently and amazingly tender, rich but never gamey, Cervena is truly the finest venison you can find.

Our Venison are grass fed, never confined to a feedlot and are all natural. Cervena Venison are minimally processed and have no artificial ingredients, no added hormones and no antibiotics (ever).

Learn more about Venison, along with some recipes in our post Venison: The Lean, Mean, Protein Machine (


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