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Tuna Tataki | #1 AAA Tuna

Tuna Tataki | #1 AAA Tuna

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This is a very special recipe, made by our very own German. There is a whole story behind this dish, which conquered the heart of German's wife.

This Tuna Tataki is marinated overnight in a special secret marinade, then bathed in sesame seeds and seared. It comes ready to eat, plated and vacuum sealed. Its VERY convenient to buy as an appetizer, dinner or to take to the boat or park.

Moreover, this is made with #1 Tuna... we do not skimp on quality. 

This product will weight 0.7-1 Lb.

#1 TUNA?

Like Red Meat Tuna is strictly graded, the highest grade is #01... but you can find Tuna that grades #2+, #2, and #3. The grade is meant to guide pricing and fairness and takes into account five factors: Appearance (how fresh does it look?), Size/Shape (Loin size), Color (looking for an exact degree of red in the bloodline and tail), Texture and Fat content. 



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